Dating your zippo lighter

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Dating your zippo lighter

That's on the extereme high end of the number scale. I've got several Zippos dating back as far as 30 years. Meaning you won't burn yousel ftoo bad if you fuck up.The fact that you can't tell what material it's made of is not encouraging. The newer ones (NOT FAKE) are avilable in some pretty lightweight and inferior quality. The tobacco store that I frequent has a large selection of lighters. The lighter shouldn't have an overpowering odor unless it was overfilled and even then it should evaporate pretty quick. If it's new it should have a solid cotton packing on top of the loose filler in which the fluid is retained. A buddy of mine had some fuel once I swear it must've been deisel, nasty smelling shit. I've got one el cheapo Zippo that is marked similar to the one you describe.Also, some lighters produced between 1955-57 were date coded, however, specifics remain unclear. Starting early in the year 2000, lighters produced feature the Zippo logo on the left, the month code in the center, and 2000 stamped above the Roman numeral XVI.For 2001 and beyond, Zippo has introduced a new, easier to interpret date code.The letters A through L on the left of the Zippo logo still represent the month of manufacture.

See a girl go for her pack, get ready for the flick, and that unmistakable sound of the cap flying open is right there. I've got several and according to the markings and when I got them and the prices I quoted it seems that everything is about right.After all, Zippo USA produces over 16.8 million lighters per year, while Zippo Canada's production was just over 500,000 units.Zippo Canada opened in August 1949 and was the only place other than Bradford, PA, where Zippo lighters were ever produced.Allright B/B I just checked a few of my lighters and all of the XIII 's that I have are double rolled bottom lighter with a heavy engraved numerals on them. Apparently the roman numerals have nothing to do with quality, but are a production code dating the lighter.Cite 1 And cite 2 Judging by the links posted later, my "Zippo" is authentic, produced October 2002 (which squares with me tracking it down early 2003).

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Increasingly, collectors are growing to appreciate Zippo Canada products for their rarity, and therefore, their unique appeal as collectibles.

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