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I have to discipline myself.) Schedule time for fun Couples need to schedule time to simply enjoy life with our spouse.Everyone I know is busy, but we should make sure our schedule never gets so crowded we cannot enjoy time with the love of our life.The original audience for these suggestions were when I shared them at a pastor’s retreat years ago, but I believe they work for all of us.Prioritize your marriage If you want to have fun in your marriage, you have to make your marriage a priority in your life – above your hobbies, work and even your children.

You can be open and honest with your date without spilling your guts or allowing your last relationship to define your dating relationships.2. Be yourself and encourage your date to do the same.

(When our boys were home and we were pulled in so many directions – this went on the calendar first.) When is the last time you and your spouse went on a date?

(By the way – You can be wise with your expenses and still plan for date nights.

We must set boundaries between our home and our work or other activities.

I try to add to your calendar opportunities to have fun together.

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You feel stuck in this endless dating loop, going on new dates over and over again, and nothing else happens, just more dates with more new people.

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  1. For whatever the allure of a chaotic and brutal city that fosters a feeling of nothing to lose, the expats usually do shuffle home to recover, their livers depleted, their emotional lives in tatters, their memories blurry and their fingers hovering over control/alt/delete.