Black women dating black men

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Since the beginning of the school year he has always been one to make statements towards black women essentially telling us we need to stay in our lane and be more submissive.In his opinion, we “talk too much,” and we’re mean because of it.Honestly, this is a really small incident compared to his previous comments and actions toward black women.But, I would say this incident was the most annoying because it was the most unsolicited.However, there is a large portion of black men that have really lost their damn minds.I honestly will never understand, and I don’t think I will ever get an answer to this question.Never forget that 94% of black women voted for Hilary.Also very important is, if you don’t like black women you don’t like Beyoncé, and anyone who doesn’t like Beyoncé is not to be trusted. I'm a student at NYU double majoring in journalism and Africana studies.

But then, we remembered who this guy was and what his history with black women was.

He comes over with his girlfriend, and introduces her to Christian and Christian’s friend, who he barely knows.

Then he proceeds to look at me and Saaleha, says to his girlfriend “There are no further introductions,” and he walks away laughing.

So to me, when I hear a black man say he doesn’t like black women, I also hear him saying that he doesn’t like his own mother.

It’s just wild to me to think that some black men could be raised by single black mothers whom they’ve watched struggle to provide for them as well as teach them how to be a man without help, and then grow up and literally turn their backs on black women.

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And when he was called out for it, he gave this bs excuse that he just “didn’t feel comfortable introducing us to a very special part of his life.” If that was really the case he could’ve just introduced everyone as a group and just said these are people in my scholarship group. Before I jump into the discussion of black men disrespecting black women I want to be clear about something.

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  2. We don’t run the risk of being us (we fear allowing somebody to get close enough to us that they won’t like what we’ve already been judging us for) and we get to avoid taking responsibility for how we feel and continue to feel, because we can focus on what the other person is doing or our so-called imperfections.