Blue collar guys dating

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Blue collar guys dating

Obviously, The Post would be picketed for publishing such racist nonsense, and rightly so.Enlightened people in 2016 do not imply that women who date men of a different race have lowered their standards.Shutterstock I recently hung out with a group of girlfriends I hadn’t seen in a very long time.I’d like to say that it’s because we’re all busy, but I suspect the main reason we don’t see each other often anymore is because I’m a married mother of a 19-month-old, and they are single and childless.Time is a luxury for me these days, so I was grateful to get the opportunity to catch up with my girls.As usual, those ladies that were single lamented about their nonexistent relationship status. ” “Why do they all live with their mama or have multiple baby mamas?I once dated a high school teacher who despised teenagers.

For example, nurses can automatically be perceived as nurturing while teachers or nannies certainly must love children.

Service industries also include positions within sectors such as hospitality, sales, public health and any other position where your responsibility is to service or be of service to other people. My friend told me that I wouldn’t understand because my husband works in radio–a glamorous gig in her opinion.

But because those were still considered service industry jobs in a sense, were they too deemed not respectable? However, I reminded her that he is also a truck driver and still drives trucks during the week when he’s not blessing the mic on the weekends.

As my girlfriends wrapped up their dating rant, I reminded them that the type of man they want to date or marry may not come wrapped up in an Armani suit and carry a briefcase.

He might get dirty, work for a non-profit, deliver packages for Fed Ex or even open doors for a living.

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At the end of the day, I think we all would love to come home to a man that loves his line of work and finds fulfillment in it–one who knows and is serving his purpose in life.