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Dating site for poeple with learing disablites

Maybe you have wondered if you are overreacting, or if the situation will work itself out over time.

The truth is, you know your child better than anybody else.

And, scientists and researchers are learning more every day about learning disabilities. From research we now know that: Receiving help in the early grades greatly improves the chances for these kids to adapt learning strategies that will enable them to succeed in school.

This does not mean your child is “slow” or less intelligent than your child’s peers.

Their brain is simply wired differently for learning and your child needs to adapt strategies that make the most of your child’s abilities.

Since you are one of the best observers of your child’s development, you will be able to recognize potential problems early.

But, in order to spot problems early, you’ll need to know the warning signs!

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It can be hard to acknowledge that your child is having difficulty in schoollet alone a potential learning disability.