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Joe jonas dating chelsea staub now

La série s'est terminée en , au bout de deux saisons.

Entre 2010 et 2014, Chelsea a doublé la voix du personnage, Bea Goldfishberg, dans la série animée Ça bulle ! En 2010, elle a tourné dans une web-série, The Homes, écrite et réalisé par l'acteur, John Cabrera.

Elle est également reconnue pour doubler la voix du personnage, Bea Goldfishberg, dans la série animée Ça bulle !

(2010-2014), et pour avoir participé à l'émission, Dancing with the Stars, en 2011. Chelsea a lancé sa carrière d'actrice en 2001, à l'âge de 13 ans, en jouant dans le court-métrage, The Failure of Pamela Salt.

à Phoenix, en Arizona) est une actrice, mannequin, chanteuse, danseuse et actrice de doublage américaine.

Elle est surtout connue pour avoir joué le rôle de Stella Malone dans la série Disney Channel, Jonas L. (2009-2010), le rôle de Tara Richards dans la série dramatique, Les Frères Scott (2012), et le rôle de Riley Perrin dans la sitcom, Baby Daddy (depuis 2012).

And, even though they may not be with that person — I don't want to sit and wonder. It's about an indie band that wants to get to LA to record one song, just one, that's it.

I was dating a guy who did not have a flattering nickname and I'm like, 'What if he hears you one time when I'm on the phone with him? CS: I haven't really dated anyone seriously that I've met since being on the show.They were text messaging and now, two years later, they're kicking themselves. That song actually appearances several times in our show and each time with a different take on it and a different love story. Chelsea: When the cameras aren't rolling we're all teenagers. It's the three brothers who are obviously very close and then there's me and Nicole who have been friends for a long time and I met the brothers almost two years ago.They're like, "I can't believe we didn't talk to them and we didn't take a picture and like hang out when we had the chance! We're all between the ages of 16 and 21, so we're very close in age.' So, they wouldn't let us do it before Joe had a heart attack.Another time, Nick was on a first date, I'm not at liberty to say with who, but Joe and I called the restaurant and had a 'Happy One Month' anniversary cake delivered to their table. Are they protective of when you're dating a new guy?

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En 2007, à l'âge de 19 ans, elle a eu son premier grand rôle, celui de Meredith Baxter Dimly, dans Bratz : In-sé-pa-rables !