Speed dating berlin maryland

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Speed dating berlin maryland

Ventilation is poor but there are effective quarter light windows in the door windows, which whistle loudly.

Also whistling are the aluminium doors, which don’t seal as well as a modern car.

It’s stable at speed, but there’s about an inch of free movement at the 17in wheel rim, which is partly the old-fashioned steering box, partly the tall 15in Dunlops.

And while the 3.0-litre, seven-bearing, all-iron six pot has relatively humble origins, it’s a standard bearer for the first mass-production use of automotive fuel injection, courtesy of a Bosch jerk pump delivering fuel direct into the cylinders through the spark-plug bosses in the block.If applied in a corner they tend to jam the suspension bushings in the direction of travel so you need to brake before turning.At this point I told my tape recorder that the swing axles weren’t quite as scary as I’d been warned. Down the Sussex lanes the 300SL feels quite floppy and you can sense the body twisting, but it’s a delightful dance between the hedgerows where it feels like a strong car if that’s not too contrary.Strangely the gullwing doors aren’t a huge problem for bay parking, but getting in and out is an inelegant process.Once you are sitting in front of the chromium-plate, seven-dial dash it feels every millimetre a thoroughbred.

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