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They are very concerned with what the experience is like for the other woman," she says.She also thinks the majority of women in the lifestyle and in the general population are either bisexual or bi-curious — it's just that women in the lifestyle are more willing to admit it and can explore their sexuality in a safe environment, with husbands there to witness and encourage things along.Neither spouse fell in love with someone new, and the marriage didn't suffer but instead became stronger.They soon found house parties are happening out there, too, if you know where to look.Host couples get their homes kid-free by sending their kids out to sleepovers at a friend's house.What is it about swinging that keeps happily married women in the lifestyle? They explain they don't swing to fill a void in their marriage, but to enhance it.

Part one of my swingers article "The Surburban Swingers Club" took you behind the scenes of a DC-area swingers club.

"It took a lot for me to finally walk through the door," she recalls.

"But when I did, I quickly found it was a very inviting, comfortable atmosphere, with no pressure." The first few times they went, they stuck close to friends and just talked with people.

Tonight, they are at Tabu to hook up, hang out with friends, meet new ones and get to know others that sparked their interest in popular online swinging sites.

Across the room, they spot a couple they know and have thought about "playing" with.

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Positions change, but "it's normal sex — it's just that four people are there," Dave explains.

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