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The representative must also be allowed to speak privately with the employee before the interview.

During the questioning, the representative can interrupt to clarify a question or to object to confusing or intimidating tactics.

The work at issue was primarily that of Building Maintenance craft officers recently settled an important dispute, stipulating that the Postal Service cannot declare an installation non-maintenance capable and then use the designation to justify excessing Maintenance Craft employees who work on Building Equipment.

Click here for a kit [PDF] that further describes these and the many other great benefits that come with being an APWU Retirees Department member. If supervisors pressure you by telling you that "youre only making things worse for yourself" by asking for union representation, thats against the law too.

Joining the APWU Retirees Department is also a great way to stay in touch with old friends and make new ones! Employers will often assert that the only role of a union representative in an investigatory interview is to observe the discussion.

If you are called into the supervisors office for an investigation, you cant refuse to go without your steward.

All you can do is refuse to answer questions until your union representative (or steward) gets there and youve had a chance to talk things over.

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While the interview is in progress the representative can not tell the employee what to say but he may advise them on how to answer a question.

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